DeepBrain AI向乐天信息通信无人便利店提供数字虚拟人

DeepBrain AI(曾用名MoneyBrain)是一家专业的人工智能公司,公司代表理事张世英于8月9日表示,乐天信息通信将向711和最新推出的自动化无人便利店提供数字虚拟人(AI Human)技术。

DeepBrain AI拥有的数字虚拟人解决方案,是一种能够创造出可进行实时交互虚拟人类的技术,是以与人最近的视觉为基础的技术,是一种可以进行交互的人工智能解决方案。




DeepBrain AI今年5月与乐天信息通信签订了数字虚拟人技术供应合同,在零售行业中结合信息通信技术(ICT),从顾客接待到产品介绍、结算、商场管理等,双方合作开发零售解决方案。

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人工智能技术实力全球发布! DeepBrain AI 明芒科技参加MWC 2021

以交互式人工智能为基础,使用"AI HUMAN"深度学习人工智能技术,实现与虚拟人的实时双向沟通...

MWC 2021 머니브레인 부스 전경(사진:머니브레인)
MWC 2021 DeepBrain AI明芒科技(曾DeepBrain AI) 展位全景

当地时间6月28日至7月1日,DeepBrain AI明芒科技(曾MoneyBrain,企业代表代表 张世英)参加了在西班牙巴塞罗那线下举行的全球最具影响力的移动通信大会 "MWC(Mobile World Congress)2021"。

MWC 2021是IT技术展览会,苹果、三星、SK等移动相关的世界知名企业每年都会参加,并展示本公司最新技术和最新产品。本次展览从6月28日开始,为期4天,以"和合共生(Connected Impact)"为主题,展示了5G、人工智能(AI)及大数据相关技术事例和成果,圆满结束


IBT’s Top AI Startups & Scaleups: Trailblazers With Promise And Real-World Potential

This is the age of Artificial Intelligence. The technology is fast becoming ubiquitous, being employed everywhere from driverless vehicles to making suggestions to online shoppers what they should buy next, to facial recognition software to trawling research for hidden knowledge.

The benefits of AI are already impacting people’s lives in more ways than it was ever imagined. It is estimated that one of 10 enterprises are already using more than 10 AI applications to efficiently solve complex real-world  problems.

Within the emerging technology space — AI, robotics, cybersecurity, blockchain, internet of things (IoT), virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) —  AI startups and scaleups have seen "hockey stick-style growth since 2016."

International Business Times’ list of top Artificial Intelligence startups comes against this backdrop, and is a logical next step to our much-acclaimed lists on Top Fintech Startups and Top EMBA programs. Like those lists, the list of top AI startups is part of our commitment to bring to our readers the information and visibility they require to understand this fast-evolving and growing area of technology and the rising stars in its firmament.

As with our Fintech startups list, our partner StartUs Insights put together this list to help our readers cut through the noise. Our focus was to ensure that only those startups and scaleups that work in artificial intelligence in a meaningful way and demonstrate promise and business potential made the cut. This was no mean task: Artificial intelligence is a crowded field, and the number of companies that claim to be making AI solutions runs into several thousands. StartUs had to find the ones that build real-problem-solving applied AI solutions, and then find the leaders among them.

Ranking startups and scaleups is easier said than done — because of the disparate technological problems they seek to address and solve. In our list are startups that develop artificial intelligence systems using powerful deep learning algorithms and supercomputers for drug discovery;  one that develops emotion recognition technology that senses and analyzes facial expressions and emotion, a photo AI platform that generates auto repair estimates instantly, a service platform that connects consumers with their banks via micro conversation, to describe a few.

IBT’s list honors the top AI players, but let’s remind you again that this is not a ranked list for the reasons mentioned above.

MoneyBrain has been selected list of outstanding AI startups in the world



'Deepfake is the future of content creation'

'Deepfake is the future of content creation'


By Bernd Debusmann Jr
Business reporter

The deepfake Kim Joo-Ha
South Korean viewers were told in advance about the deepfake Kim Joo-Ha, pictured here

A few months ago, millions of TV viewers across South Korea were watching the MBN channel to catch the latest news.

At the top of the hour, regular news anchor Kim Joo-Ha started to go through the day's headlines. It was a relatively normal list of stories for late 2020 - full of Covid-19 and pandemic response updates.

Yet this particular bulletin was far from normal, as Kim Joo-Ha wasn't actually on the screen. Instead she had been replaced by a "deepfake" version of herself - a computer-generated copy that aims to perfectly reflect her voice, gestures and facial expressions.

Viewers had been informed beforehand that this was going to happen, and South Korean media reported a mixed response after people had seen it. While some people were amazed at how realistic it was, others said they were worried that the real Kim Joo-Ha might lose her job.

MBN said it would continue to use the deepfake for some breaking news reports, while the firm behind the artificial intelligence technology - South Korean company Moneybrain - said it would now be looking for other media buyers in China and the US.

When most people think of deepfakes, they imagine fake videos of celebrities. In fact, only last week one such bogus - but very lifelike - video of Tom Cruise made headlines around the world after it appeared on TikTok.


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