Virtual Human Startup Deepbrain AI Raises $44M


South Korean virtual human and conversational AI startup Deepbrain AI has closed a $44 million Series B funding round led by Korea Development Bank. Deepbrain’s synthetic video and voice creations are used by enterprise clients for customer service, education, and media, with the new capital earmarked for expanding into new territory, especially the United States.


Deepbrain offers to reproduce human faces and voices in digital replicas capable of speaking and moving like their organic counterpart. With enough visual and audio data, the company’s platform can create a virtual mimic speaking and performing to whatever script they input or connected to an AI that can converse with the look and sound of a real human. The startup provides chatbots, virtual agents, and other variations on the theme of synthetic voices and conversational AI, but the virtual human avatars are the centerpiece of its work for clients like Metro News and LG HelloVision. The results are effective and relatively cheap compared to video production. Deepbrain’s latest projects include virtual bankers to steer customers to the right human employee and AI tutors that can educate students while simulating a human teacher. Deepbrain is now valued at $180 million post-funding and about five years after the startup’s founding. The company reported $2.5 million in revenue last year but is expecting to double that in 2021.