From models to presidential candidates… DeepBrain AI is expected to lead the technology of AI humans to the next level in a new era for AI

DeepBrain AI has successfully commercialized world’s first real-time video synthesis solution in the form of both conversational and non-conversational ‘AI Human’ technologies and applied them to the various idustries. Recently, SBS, a leading national South Korean broadcasting, introduced many different types of virtual humans including DeepBrain AI’s AI humans. 


SBS reports that AI-powered humans modeled after real humans are currently applied to the various industries as AI bankers, AI shop assistants, lecturers, and etc. 


In the news clip, AI presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, ‘Wiki Yoon’, produced by Deep Brain AI was highlighted. The news mentioned that the AI presidential candidates have emerged as a new election campaign strategy to overcome the limitations of non-face-to-face elections due to COVID-19 and AI Yoon is hugely popular among young South Koreans.


DeepBrain AI’s ‘Detect Deepfake AI(’ was also mentioned. Detect Deepfake AI is a service that verifies the authenticity of the video through deep learning AI analysis-learning of videos suspected of forgery and alteration. DeepBrain AI launched the service and distributed it for free, hoping that it would minimize the damage caused by deepfake videos. 


Check out the video news clip above to learn more about AI humans and DeepBrain AI’s services and technology.