DeepBrain AI implements Football Star, Ronaldo with video synthesis technology on collaboration with global advertising agency.

”Market Expansion to Advertising Market with AI Video Synthesis Technology ”

DeepBrain AI participated in the production of advertisements that implemented football player Cristiano Ronaldo with AI video synthesis technology.

The advertisement, produced by DeepBrain AI and global advertising agency IDCREATION, is a corporate promotional content of football-based online community platform company “ZujuGP” and was introduced through YouTube and Instagram.

Cinematic representation of Ronaldo as a ninja instead of football player confronting against group of enemy drew attention as it became known that AI technology was used in the production process. This is because Ronaldo, who appears in the video, was implemented through AI image synthesis technology.


DeepBrain AI has applied “Face Swap” technology, a kind of deepfake technology, to realize Ronaldo’s natural facial expressions and movements. In the advertisement, Ronaldo shows martial arts against ninjas and shows techniques such as somersaulting or crossing buildings, and the technology was applied to Ronaldo’s face as soon as he took off his mask.


Face swap technology is a technology that changes the face of a person in the original video or image to another face, and only the identity of the person changes while the facial expression and mouth shape remain the same. In other words, in the case of this advertisement, Ronaldo did not record anything, and Ronaldo’s face was synthesized using face swap technology in the second half of the work after the actor in the band shot.


Recently, deepfake has been used as a means of various crimes and negative perceptions exist throughout society, but the potential of AI video synthesis technology in entertainment areas such as advertisements, broadcasting, and movies is endless.

DeepBrain AI realized the potential of AI video synthesis technology expansion to media content production through this project, and plans to diversify its business area by utilizing deep learning artificial intelligence technology in various fields and forms.