Introducing AI Human Solution in NAB Show 2022

DeepBrain AI participated in the NAB Show 2022 in Las Vegas, USA, for four days from April 23 to 26, introducing AI human solutions.
NAB Show is the world’s largest broadcasting exhibition organized by the National Broadcasting Association (NAB), and this year, about 1,600 broadcasting related companies from around the world participated to showcase related products and services.


DeepBrain AI has prepared booths focusing on ‘AI Human’ solutions at NAB 2022. We introduced cases in which AI human technology was introduced to various industries, and ran a demonstration program to see how AI human technology is applied in the broadcasting field, such as AI announcers.

In addition, ‘AISTUDIOS’, a SaaS AI human solution, was also exhibited. AI STUDIOS is a video composition editing platform that allows AI Human, a virtual model, to produce a video that reads the sentence naturally by entering the speech that the user wants as script.

The biggest feature of AI STUDIOS is that anyone can create images featuring AI humans without video, voice synthesis technology, or equipment. For example, if you usually need 5 to 10 staff, filming equipment, and studios to produce breaking news, AI STUDIOS can produce news videos right away with one PC and just typing in text.


At this event, officials from major broadcasters around the world from Europe and Asia, as well as U.S, were interested in discovering new business models. DeepBrain AI will discover and provide various business models that can be applied to broadcasting environments such as AI reporters, AI show hosts, and AI MC.