Put AI Anchors to Work

Human anchors and staffs no longer need to be ready for an emergency broadcast. With DeepBrain’s AI Human solution and a single PC, get ready to create high-quality broadcasts just at your fingertips.

Create News Broadcasts
Under 10 Minutes

Just prepare a broadcast script.
Watch popular anchors articulate your script with ease.

Step 1: Input Script

Upload a script for a news broadcast, then click “Create”.

Step 2: Download Video

Once the AI Human properly reads the script, download the video.

Use Case


AI Anchor Kim Ju-Ha

Watch Kim Ju-Ha, the main anchor on MBN news channel, in action as an AI Human. AI Anchor Kim Ju-Ha is currently reporting in a news program called “Afternoon News with AI Anchor Kim Ju-Ha”.

LG HelloVision

AI Anchor Kim Hyun-Wook

Watch Kim Hyun-Wook, anchor on LG HelloVision, as an AI Human. AI anchor Kim Hyun-Wook quickly broadcasts local and other important information on news channels.

LG HelloVision

AI Anchor Lee Ji-Ae

Watch Lee Ji-Ae, anchor on LG HelloVision, as an AI Human. In addition to reporting news, AI anchor Lee Ji-Ae will also broadcast about disasters, local policies, and other cultural events.