[Deep.In. Interview] Spreading the charm of Artificial Human

Let me introduce you to the honest story behind Deep.In. in DeepBrain AI
*DeepBrain AI cherishes colleagues who work together. Deep.In. is DeepBrain AI employee’s nickname is to appreciate the strong fellowship we have between employees.

English name : Deep.In.
Korean name : 딥.인.
Internatioal name : Deep.人.


Q. Please introduce yourself.
Hello, I’m marketing team manager Jacob.
I’ve been a marketer for 15 years. I worked as an advertising planner for a little over 10 years at a digital advertising agency and a general advertising agency.
And after that, I worked on sales performance marketing at a fashion company Cosmetics Company.
now, I’m in charge of domestic and overseas marketing at DeepBrain AI .

Q. What do you do in marketing team?
Our company runs B2B and B2C businesses. We are focusing a lot on not only domestic but also oversea business.
Our team is carrying out all marketing tasks related to all the businesses of the company. Me and my team members are working individually on a project by project basis.
One marketer gets in charge for one project. Additional tasks include social media management and recruitment campaigns. We also divide these enterprise-wide tasks.
As a team manager, I’m not only in charge of managing projects but in charge of practical work as well.
Currently, I am focusing on overseas marketing projects.


Q. Who is in the marketing team?
The marketing team currently consists of a PR manager, a performance marketer, and an SNS marketers.
Although the jobs are divided in this way, all of the team members are working on various tasks depending on marketing issues.

Q. How’s the work culture of the marketing team?
Our company is carrying out its work on a project by project basis. So marketers are deployed for each project and take responsibility on it.
In other words, the marketer is acting as a practitioner and manager for their project.
As a result, each person is thinking and solving their own problems to complete their task.
Because of that, there are a lot of things that you can’t do with passive thinking and actions. Which leads individuals to solve problems with active and open thinking.
Therefore, there is a culture in which individual marketers can be respected and work voluntarily regardless of their age or position.


Q. Which welfare system are you most satisfied with?
My CEO’s name is Eric. Eric hopes that individuals and their families will all be happy.
So, various system continues to be newly established and reinforced.
Recently, for singles, there’s a system that provides $500 for rent.
Personally, I think cash welfare is good.Medical expenses, cultural clubs, welfare points, and family day were very good.
In particular, I think it’s best to leave work early once a month on Family Day and dine with your family.

Q. What’s the strength of DeepBrain AI?
Our company’s service is based on deep learning-based video synthesis technology, and AI humans are similar to real people.
It has a technology that can be implemented. It has the most advanced technology in the world. It is also commercialized the most.
I think this is the strength of our service.


Q. Why did you choose DeepBrain AI?
I always enjoyed trying new things and felt a great sense of accomplishment.
Based on my marketing experience,I wanted to create a global company or brand in the field of AI.
Therefore I joined here.

Q. Jacob, what’s your goal?
In my previous job, through B2C-based branding and performance marketing, I have the experience of generating sales of over $8M per month.
However, DeepBrain AI is the first B2B experience. Personally, I really want to make a successful case of B2B service.
Based on AI human technology that the company has, I would like to contribute so that DeepBrain AI has the highest recognition and market share within a year.