Supports Gwanghwamun Project with AI Technology.. Creates AI Guides such as SHINee Minho.

”Nearest Tourist Attraction? Gwanghwamun Tourism, Now Guided By AI Humans”

▶ “Gwanghwa-In” was created as an AI Human solution that allows real-time conversation.
▶ Creates AI Guides such as SHINee Minho… Capable of delivering accurate information through scenario learning.
▶ Provides information on palaces, cultural heritages, tourist attractions and many more including today’s weather


DeepBrain AI supported AI human technology to “Gwanghwa-in” among the newly created Gwanghwamun projects in Gwanghwamun, Seoul, and implemented K-Pop group SHINee’s “Minho” as a kiosk-type “AI guide.”


” Gwanghwa-In is one of eight projects in the Gwanghwa Era project promoted by the Korea Creative Content Agency through the combination of cultural and tourism content and 5G realistic technology, and Deepbrain AI participated in developing AI guides that can be found in Gwanghwa-In. The AI guide introduced, has implemented a total of four models, including SHINee Minho, providing in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese models, and uses original technologies that combine DeepBrain AI’s voice synthesis, video synthesis, natural language processing, and voice recognition.


In particular, DeepBrain AI focused on developing maximum database by utilizing the latest information provided by the Cultural Heritage Administration in developing AI guides and accurately providing the information needed for tourists by learning various dialogue scenarios. The AI guide serves to provide information on major tourist attractions and cultural heritages in Seoul and travel information such as restaurants and cafes in Gwanghwamun to domestic and foreign tourists who visit the center. First, when the user approaches the AI guide, it automatically switches to the language selection screen, and begins introduction by the welcome greeting of the AI guide.


Next, users can experience real-time conversation after they touch the screen to select one of the categories such as palaces, cultural heritage, nearby tourist attractions, Gwanghwamun Era or Conversation with Minho. This is due to the set of conversations learned in advance. In particular, you can receive information on travel, cultural life, beauty, and health, as well as real-time information such as today’s weather.