Deepbrain AI created an AI Dr. Yeo Esther for customer convenient services

Dr. Yeo has been reborn as an AI Human…introduced to channels such as shopping malls, YouTube, and podcasts.
When customers inquire by the chat on the website, it will be used for answers, nutritional recommendations, product introduction videos, etc.
“We will create business opportunities with various commerce companies based on AI human technology”

DeepBrain AI implemented Dr. Yeo Esther, a doctor and broadcaster, as an AI human and supplied it for customer convenience services in the “Esther Mall”, a shopping mall specialized in health functional foods.
Dr. Yeo Esther is a very famous specialist in the Department of Family Medicine at Seoul National University, who appeared in various broadcast programs such as entertainment show. Recently, she launched the health functional food brand “Esther Formula” along with its own mall “Esther Mall” as well, and is currently the CEO.


Esther Mall will present the AI Dr. Yeo Esther on various platforms such as the official website of Esther Mall, YouTube, and podcasts.
This is a function developed for customer convenience, such as customer-tailored nutritional care curation, to eliminate the inconvenience of responding to customers through text and will be efficiently used for more active communication in the future.




Specifically, it applies to live chat consultations, medical examination, and informative hearing services on the homepage. Customers make inquiries in a designated chat window regarding the purchase of nutritional supplements, etc., and AI Human provides answers accordingly.
In addition, in the case of the medical examination service, AI Dr. Yeo directly recommends nutritional supplements that are currently needed, based on data such as the customer’s eating habits, symptoms, and inconveniences. You can also see AI Dr. Yeo in the product introduction video on the shopping detail page.