DeepBrain AI’s Synthetic People Prepare to Enter the US Market

South Korean company DeepBrain, known primarily for its digital copies of real people, has successfully completed a funding round that raised $44 million.

The startup creates and sells a rather unusual product – based on patented algorithms with elements of artificial intelligence, DeepBrain clones the general facial expressions, gestures and conversation style of specific people. These digital clones can then live their own lives and perform various tasks at the request of the customer.

The creators of these synthetic people believe their technology is especially useful for news TV channels, politicians, banks and retail companies.

The most striking example of DeepBrain’s work is the virtual model of South Korean President Moon Jae-in. The startup used the politician’s public speaking to create a highly accurate digital copy that can now be used for public speaking. In the meantime, the real president can do other work, and no one will notice the difference.

But the synthetic copy of the president is just a demonstration of the capabilities of these technologies. DeepBrain emphasizes that it does not intend to use Moon Jae In’s digital copy for commercial or destructive purposes. The company said it operates in a “much more sterile and reliable environment.”