24-Hour Customer Service

Get ready to consult with AI Kiosks at any time. AI Kiosks will assist users at any designated location, including airports, banks, stores, and more.

High Performance

Full HD Resolution with
High-Quality Audio

Communicate seamlessly with AI Humans through Full HD Display and high-quality audio.

Easily Replaceable Accessories

Conveniently replace or attach various accessories, such as card payment readers and queue ticket machines to suit your enterprise.

Personalized Service based on
User Identification

The kiosk provides personalized service after identifying the user through encrypted biometric scanning, such as face or finger recognition.

Multiple Kiosks

Choose between 43”, 55”, and 65” kiosks to best suit your needs. Install any customer service modules for basic greetings, card payments, queue ticketing, customer recognition, and more.

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