Human-Based Design

With human-based appearance and intelligence, AI Humans can respond to any conversation with facial expressions and gestures of a real human.

Video Synthesis

Artificial Intelligence studies human facial expressions from recorded videos to communicate like real people.

Unedited Footage

Artificial intelligence actively learns human facial expressions from unedited video footage.

After Video Synthesis

Artificial intelligence imitates the human vocal expression by matching gestures with given speech or dialogue.

Speech Synthesis

Once Artificial Intelligence learns to speak based on voice recordings,
it can articulate like real people.

Unedited Audio

Through speech synthesis, artificial intelligence learns to talk with specific tones and accents from recorded audio.

After Speech Synthesis

Artificial intelligence uses learned tones and accents to best suit various situations such as news or sports broadcasts, daily conversations, and more.


Not only can AI Chatbots have active conversations, but they also aim to support users, such as making or changing reservations.

Use Cases

AI Human announcers, teachers, counselors, and many more are currently active for industrial use.