About DeepBrain AI

Pioneering AI Human Technology

Founded in 2016, DeepBrain AI is world’s first commercialized video synthesis company, with real-life application of Interactive AI Humans in the form of SDK and AI Kiosks


Our Core Values


Lead the World with
AI Human Technology

Our AI system is never limited to a specific operating system. Our technology is being implemented in mobile devices, AI kiosks, and even smart cars.


Improve User Experience with AI Guidance and Solutions

DeepBrain’s AI Human technology is beyond just solving technical issues. In fact, our AI technology strives to support users from a pragmatic perspective.


Create Blueprints for the Future

With our limitless AI Human technology, we plan to foresee and create blueprints for the future of humanity.


Join us at the forefront of technological revolution.
We are looking for highly passionate and motivated individuals.