AI Stores for the Future

Consumers can now experience AI in their stores nearby. AI Human kiosks will answer questions beyond product locations and discounts while human employees focus on more significant duties.

New Consumer Experience with AI workers

As experts in their designated subject, AI Human kiosks are ready to provide an in-depth response to any question they receive. They will break down complex product information to consumers for easy comprehension.

Online Consultant

With our AI Human kiosks available 24/7, users can change a reservation or purchase decision not restricted by place and time.

Offline Consultant

Because our intelligent AI Human kiosks provide users with professional feedback, it eliminates the need for high-cost information booths.

Use Case


CVS AI Employee

At Lotte Data Communication Headquarters, anchor Song Na-Young works as an AI employee at 7-Eleven. She informs customers about using unmanned stores, locating desired products, restaurants, public transportations, and more.