Design - UX Designer

South Korea

1. Job Description
Design and improve UI/UX design from Web/App based products
Create and design online/offline brand marketing deliverables

2. Job Qualifications
5+ years of work experience
Associate degree or similar levels of work experience
Ability to design and analyze requirements based on user perspective and business understanding
Ability to problem-solve user experience based on qualitative and quantitative data
Experience using UI/UX design tools such as Figma, Sketch, XD, etc.
Adaptability to agile develop environment
Capability of communicating and working well with others

3. Preferred Qualifications
Experience in planning and launching Web/App service
One who has led the entire process from planning to launching Web/App service
A logical thinker who take processive approaches for successful teamwork
One who fully understands the fundamentals and usability of W3C web standard (HTML, CSS, etc)
Experience in publishing React

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