Deep Learning Lab - Data Scientist

South Korea

1. Job Description
Lead the MoneyBrain Data Scientist team
Design and plan data infrastructure for relevant divisions
Analyze KPI data for each division and develop data visualization tool
Develop product listing/recommendation algorithm
Engineer an optimized model for marketing automation platform lever services
Build automated data pipeline based on AWS
Analyze and measure the efficiency of performance marketing data
Measure and manage user Feature data
Create and manage defined data catalogs
Build and validate high volume data processing platforms

2. Job Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree in data related major (applied statistics, computer science, industrial engineering, industrial management preferred)
One with education/training related to data
3+ years of experience in data analysis and machine learning
One who can analyze data statistics using Python
Experience in leading a data analysis team
Developer who built an analytical model based on real service data
Experience in developing predictive or recommended system

3. Preferred qualifications
3+ years of data analysis work experience
Experience working with Data Lake based on AWS
Experience in developing ETL and guidelines based on high volume data
One who fully understands domain marketing
Experience in target marketing system/algorithm development

    • Please attach your resume or portfolio file.
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