Maketing - Content Creator (PD)

South Korea

1. Job Description
Develop new business items for the AI industry
Analyze and validate Service Market Fit (SMF) Data
Gross optimization for SMF validated items (form new advertisement channels, analyze and track advertisement results, etc)
Manage data tracking tools and collect additional data that require more information

2. Job Qualifications
3+ years of work experience
Ability to lead the entire content-creating procedure from filming to editing
Proficient with video editing tools/software such as Premiere Pro and After Effects
A camera specialist who can easily handle DSLR and other HD video related equipment
Experience in executing media campaign based on app/web service

3. Preferred qualification
One proficient in content creation and susceptible to current trend
One with agile yet precise judgement and good cooperation

    • Please attach your resume or portfolio file.
    • You can upload up to 3 files and 30MB of each file.