Join Our Team

Deepbrain AI  (formerly MoneyBrain) has received $51 million as series B.

We strongly strive to add richness to humanity with artificial intelligence. Any passionate individual who seeks challenge and shares our vision is welcome to join us.

Our Benefits

Deepbrain AI provides unlimited support for work productivity.

We believe that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is key in achieving the highest level of happiness and performance.

An employee receives welfare worth a maximum of $8,500 every year.

Monthly provided credit points or cash for self-development

Social Activities
Support for leisure activities, including fitness and movies to boost teamwork

Nutrition Support
Provide daily lunch budget along with fully stocked snack area

Referral Program
Reward employees who provide successful referrals

Family Day
Permission to leave office early once a month with provided dinining fee

Holiday Gifts
Provide gifts on personal anniversaries or national holidays

Equipment Support
Provide essential equipment, including books and education programs, for self-development

Reward Employees
Monthly reward outstanding employees voted by other faculty members

Health Coverage
Full health coverage to promote employees’ health

Marriage/Pregnancy Care
Provide up to $850 to congratulate staff’s marriage or birth

Long-Term Service Award
Reward employees with 3, 5, and 7+ years of long-term work service

Stock Option
Grant a maximum of $85,000 worth of stock options to high performing employees