IBT’s Top AI Startups & Scaleups: Trailblazers With Promise And Real-World Potential

This is the age of Artificial Intelligence. The technology is fast becoming ubiquitous, being employed everywhere from driverless vehicles to making suggestions to online shoppers what they should buy next, to facial recognition software to trawling research for hidden knowledge.

The benefits of AI are already impacting people’s lives in more ways than it was ever imagined. It is estimated that one of 10 enterprises are already using more than 10 AI applications to efficiently solve complex real-world  problems.

Within the emerging technology space — AI, robotics, cybersecurity, blockchain, internet of things (IoT), virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) —  AI startups and scaleups have seen "hockey stick-style growth since 2016."

International Business Times’ list of top Artificial Intelligence startups comes against this backdrop, and is a logical next step to our much-acclaimed lists on Top Fintech Startups and Top EMBA programs. Like those lists, the list of top AI startups is part of our commitment to bring to our readers the information and visibility they require to understand this fast-evolving and growing area of technology and the rising stars in its firmament.

As with our Fintech startups list, our partner StartUs Insights put together this list to help our readers cut through the noise. Our focus was to ensure that only those startups and scaleups that work in artificial intelligence in a meaningful way and demonstrate promise and business potential made the cut. This was no mean task: Artificial intelligence is a crowded field, and the number of companies that claim to be making AI solutions runs into several thousands. StartUs had to find the ones that build real-problem-solving applied AI solutions, and then find the leaders among them.

Ranking startups and scaleups is easier said than done — because of the disparate technological problems they seek to address and solve. In our list are startups that develop artificial intelligence systems using powerful deep learning algorithms and supercomputers for drug discovery;  one that develops emotion recognition technology that senses and analyzes facial expressions and emotion, a photo AI platform that generates auto repair estimates instantly, a service platform that connects consumers with their banks via micro conversation, to describe a few.

IBT’s list honors the top AI players, but let’s remind you again that this is not a ranked list for the reasons mentioned above.

MoneyBrain has been selected list of outstanding AI startups in the world



'Deepfake is the future of content creation'

'Deepfake is the future of content creation'


By Bernd Debusmann Jr
Business reporter

A few months ago, millions of TV viewers across South Korea were watching the MBN channel to catch the latest news.

At the top of the hour, regular news anchor Kim Joo-Ha started to go through the day's headlines. It was a relatively normal list of stories for late 2020 - full of Covid-19 and pandemic response updates.

Yet this particular bulletin was far from normal, as Kim Joo-Ha wasn't actually on the screen. Instead she had been replaced by a "deepfake" version of herself - a computer-generated copy that aims to perfectly reflect her voice, gestures and facial expressions.

Viewers had been informed beforehand that this was going to happen, and South Korean media reported a mixed response after people had seen it. While some people were amazed at how realistic it was, others said they were worried that the real Kim Joo-Ha might lose her job.

MBN said it would continue to use the deepfake for some breaking news reports, while the firm behind the artificial intelligence technology - South Korean company Moneybrain - said it would now be looking for other media buyers in China and the US.

When most people think of deepfakes, they imagine fake videos of celebrities. In fact, only last week one such bogus - but very lifelike - video of Tom Cruise made headlines around the world after it appeared on TikTok.


DeepBrain AI exhibits at MWC 2021

MoneyBrain, a company specialized in artificial intelligence (AI) and video synthesis, announced that they will participate in the 2021 Barcelona World Mobile Fair, so-called MWC, to be held in Barcelona at Fira de Barcelona, Fira Barcelona Gran Viafor for 4 days from June 28 to July 1.

Although the number of exhibitors has decreased significantly due to the current Corona situation, more than 300 companies including Moneybrain are still participating in this MWC, and they will show the 4th industry, such as AI, AR, VR, and big data, in addition to the mobile field under the theme of the future of IT.

Moneybrain plans to showcase its world-class technology in the field of image synthesis, centering on 'real-time interactive artificial human' and 'artificial human image synthesis solution'.

'Real-time interactive artificial human' is a solution that enables users to have real-time conversations with an artificial human identical to a real person. Companies with a demand for customer engagement such as finance, education, restaurant business, and government institutions are using this technology to provide efficient service at the point of contact with customers.

'Text to video Solution' can create a live-action based artificial human video that reads the input text naturally by simply inputting text. By reducing the burden of video production and improving productivity, it is used in various industries that require video content production, such as broadcasting, education, and advertising.

Se-young Jang, CEO of Moneybrain, said, "Since COVID-19, contactless services are spreading along with the demand for more video content. Through this MWC 2021 exhibition, we will showcase various AI technologies of Moneybrain and provide suitable services to many demanding companies. I will."

MoneyBrain will show the potential of artificial humans created through MoneyBrain's deep learning technology and image synthesis technology at the '2021 MWC Exhibition', and how it can be used in various industries including the IT industry. The location of the exhibition booth is 2J54, and detailed information regarding participation in the exhibition can be found on the Moneybrain official website.




DeepBrain AI exhibits at MWC 2021

SEOUL, South KoreaJune 3, 2021 /PRNewswire

Deepbrain AI, a company specialized in artificial intelligence (AI) and video synthesis, announced that they will participate in the 2021 Barcelona World Mobile Fair, so-called MWC, to be held in Barcelona at Fira de Barcelona, Fira Barcelona Gran Viafor for 4 days from June 28 to July 1.




MoneyBrain, new AI Video tech leader in contactless at CES 2021

SEOUL, South KoreaJan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/

MoneyBrain, a market leading AI video synthesis technology startup, takes the first step in the global synthetic media market with showcase at CES 2021.

MoneyBrain is a startup, specialized in deep learning and video synthesis technologies. "Artificial humans reading latest news, and curating products on the screen can be created instantly when you have your scripts ready" said Eric Jang, CEO at MoneyBrain. "Further, our technology can be coupled with any chatbot system to provide interactive human-like experiences, all in Full HD."

MoneyBrain is the first company to commercialize video synthesis technology and it has experienced an annual growth of 500% in revenue since its first launch in 2019 and recognition for its market leading video synthesis solution. MoneyBrain expects its superior technology to be the solution for industries requiring expensive, time consuming and labor intensive video productions as well as human resources needed for customer services.

"The possibilities are endless with MoneyBrain," said Felix Kim, director at MoneyBrain. "Since pandemic, there are more clients looking for solutions to provide contactless services in and they are stoked with the result."

While the CES 2021 is held digitally due to the impact of Covid-19, MoneyBrain is excited to show its human like AI models to CES 2021 attendees.

Se-young Jang, the CEO of MoneyBrain said, "MoneyBrain is the only one in the world that can synthesize interactive AI human videos, and will accelerate its entry into the global market starting with CES 2021."

Moneybrain to supply Kim Joo-ha AI anchor solution to MBN

SEOUL, South KoreaNov. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/

Moneybrain (CEO Jang Se-young), an artificial intelligence (AI) company, announced on September 21st (Monday) that an AI anchor who introduced Moneybrain's video synthesis solution on MBN's Daily Broadcasting System debuted.

MBN reported news using Kim Joo-ha, an AI anchor, on its MBN website more than twice a day from September 21st to October 14th. AI anchor Kim Joo-ha's speech nuance, gestures, and facial expressions are hard to feel the difference between the actual anchor Kim Joo-ha.

With Moneybrain's solution, MBN is able to report videos of breaking news vividly and quickly with an AI anchor. In addition, AI models will be put into MBN's various programs, allowing the company to start producing broadcasts in the same time slot.

The Moneybrain solution introduced by MBN is a real-time video synthesis technology based on deep learning and provides AI model videos that express the same person as the actual person. By simply entering an article script, it converts into voice and video and it provides various costume choices, making it easier for users to produce AI models. As a result, existing broadcasting officials have been able to save a lot of resources such as time, personnel, and cost for filming.

Moneybrain is a leading startup with the world's top-class deep learning and video synthesis technologies, including the production and presentation of the first AI president in Korea. Moneybrain's deep learning technology can process natural language analysis, voice and video in real time. Currently, AI industry technologies require expertise, but Moneybrain aims to provide services that can create its own AI with minimal data in the future.

Moneybrain's real-time video synthesis technology enables real-time conversations between users and AI, so it can be widely applied in various fields such as video conversation, free talking, digital education, home shopping, kiosk and mobile platforms.

Jang Se-young, CEO of Moneybrain, said, "We are very excited that AI anchor made a successful debut, and we plan to accelerate our advanced into global market such as the U.S. and China based on its performances so far."

Moneybrain Overview

Moneybrain is a startup that provides artificial intelligence services. Moneybrain's deep learning technology can analyze natural language and process voice and video, and it aims to provide interactive artificial intelligence services such as AI English conversation and AI virtual model.

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oyyhl4nU2OE (MBN News Youtube)
MBN Link: https://www.mbn.co.kr/vod/programContents/845/5323

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