30% discount on Black Friday to commemorate the global launch of an AI human video synthesis platform, AI STUDIOS.

– User friendly- AI human video production tool. Officially launched after beta in June with secured subscribers of 5,000.
– Affordable monthly subscription product for small to medium-sized enterprises and highly applicable to news and lecture materials.
– 28 models, 4 languages and customizable costumes and background templates.
– Monthly fees from $29 up to $1,999. Capable of producing videos up to 45 hours.


DeepBrain AI officially launched ‘AISTUDIOS’, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution based on AI human technology.

AI STUDIOS is a video synthesis and editing platform that allows Artificial Humans to present script as users enter any script for video production.
Since its Beta Service opening in June, a total of 370,000 users have visited, and it has secured around 5,000 subscribers, including Korea, United States, China, and Southeast Asian countries around the world.

If you consider the existing real-time two-way communication AI human solution targets large enterprise companies, AI STUDIOS is a SaaS product in the form of a monthly subscription that allows small to mid-sized companies to utilize AI human technology without much financial burden.

Typical video content production requires a lot of time, resources and man-power such as presenters, film crew to studios and equipment however, utilizing AI STUDIOS enables you to create high-quality presenter videos without additional filming for a fraction of the cost.

For example, local broadcasting stations can produce news hosted by AI humans on behalf of announcers, and educational institutions such as schools and academies can produce lecture materials instead of teachers.
Currently, AI STUDIOS is being used by LG Innotek, Gwangju National University of Education, Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education, and the Korea Crowd Funding Association in Korea.

Internationally it is used by companies and institutions such as AssetWorks, a U.S. asset management company, China Broadcasting Station, Chinese video platform Yunmeishe, Chinese real estate operation group YinTech, and Myanmar-Korean Society News ADSHOFAR.

AI STUDIOS provides a total of 28 AI models (11 in Korean, 12 in English, 4 in Chinese, and 1 in Japanese) as well as various costumes and background templates.

If you want utilize a more popular model, we have expanded your choices by adding premium features that are available at affordable rate.  AI models are expected to be added continuously, and a completely virtual-faced AI humans that does not come from an actual human are also in making.


AI STUDIOS offer three plans: Starter Plan, Standard Plan, and Pro Plan. The Starter Plan is designed for beginners and is offered at monthly rate of $29 and provides total of 20 minutes of video production.

The Standard Plan offers total of 20 hours of video production for $999 and The Pro Plan offers total of 45 hours of video production for $1,999 per month. Regardless of the plan all copyrights of video contents created belongs to the users.

DeepBrain AI will hold a Black Friday discount promotion to commemorate the launch of AI STUDIOS. The promotion will last until the 30th, and offers up to 30% discounts on service fee to AI Model fees.