Introducing AI Yoon Seok-Yeoul appearing on the campaign trail for the 20th president of South Korea.

The PPP(People Power Party) introduced AI Yoon Seok-Yeoul as part of their campaign strategy for the 20th presidential election.
DeepBrain AI developed AI Yoon Seok-Yeoul which was then utilized by PPP to actively communicate with national voters.


“AI Yoon Seok-Yeoul” first appeared at the inauguration ceremony of the presidential election, and said, “The first AI in politics symbolizes the new future and challenge of Korea,” adding, “We will be visiting you all over the country.”
During the actual election campaign, the PPP utilized AI Yoon Seok-Yeoul to produce personalized targets for each region into personalized videos and distributed them to party members. Which was then mounted on the large screen of the campaign car to explain local pledges.


Looking into technological advantages of AI Yoon Seok-Yeoul,

First, there are no location and time constraints.
AI Yoon Seok-Yeoul has no location and time constraints. Unlike people, he can appear in any part of the country at any given time.
Candidate Yoon Seok-Yeoul, a real person, was able to focus on campaigning in more important strategic areas.
It has also become an alternative to non-face-to-face communication factoring COVID-19.

Second, customized election strategies for each region.
Along with the familiar landmark background of each region, our neighborhood pledge and our city and provincial pledge were implemented by AI Yoon Seok-Yeoul.
AI Yoon Seok-Yeoul made a customized pledge video just by typing text and delivered it to voters through text, SNS, YouTube, and campaign vehicle screens.

Third, reduced the cost of promotion.
If a real person were to be featured in a video of a customized pledge for each region, it would have cost a lot for production such as studios, filming equipment, and staff. Or if candidates would travel all of the regions directly, it costs precious time and money.
AI Yoon Seok-Yeoul was produced in one to two weeks, and after that, it reduced the cost of promoting the election significantly.


It is expected to be used in the upcoming national local elections for local government heads.
Furthermore, we look forward to the day when AI presidents and AI mayors play a role in listening to and resolving complaints from the people and citizens.