How AI version of Arirang TV anchor was created

DeepBrain AI recently created an AI version of a news anchor with Arirang TV, the largest global network broadcast company in Korea. 


The AI version of Arirang TV’s main news anchor Moon Connyoung, Jennifer Moon, is currently used for many news reports. Arirang TV recently unveiled the AI anchor making process and the CES 2022 event site through its feature news video.


AI anchor Jennifer Moon unveiled for the very first time at CES 2022. AI was one of the hottest topics at this year’s CES and eye-catching innovations delight tech fans both young and old.


AI anchor Jennifer Moon was created in DeepBrain AI’s AI model production studio. Anchor Moon Connyoung, the actual model of the AI anchor, was filmed while reading scripts written in both Korean and English.


Based on the video and image data, AI anchor Jennifer Moon, who is fluent in both Korean and English, was produced through the deep learning algorithm that was created by DeepBrain AI.


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