AI ACADEMY 2 starts its semester with full-tech developers at competition rate of 10:1!

▶ AI Academy 2 starts their semester with well- organized curriculum and professional lecturers.
▶ Full-stack developer training course with competition rate of over 10:1 with more than half of the applicant being experienced developers.
▶ Total of 14 sessions until January 20th of 2022, with integration of theory, application and projects.

DeepBrain AI selected 30 new full-stack developer trainees to participate in the AI Academy 2, an AI talent training program.

DeepBrain AI previously successfully operated the AI Academy, and produced a total of 22 graduates, with few excellent graduates working for deep-learning teams through formal recruitment procedures. In order to cultivate more talents in the second program, AI Academy features more expertise with their curriculum and lecturers.

AI Academy 2 is a program designed to train full-stack developer capable of both front and back hand tasks. As full-stack developers are high in demand, over 300 applicants applied for AI Academy 2 with over half of those applicants being experienced developers.


Training session would be held from 20th of January for 7 weeks every Tuesday and Thursday. First 5 weeks would cover Node.js, Java script platforms and React, Java script UI Library, etc on theories and assignments. The last 2 weeks of the program would cover developing AI platform web service on their own.

The sessions would be covered with blended learning of both face-to face and online lectures to ensure no spreading of covid cases during the sessions. Face-to-face sessions would held in Bitcamp,Gangnam and online sessions will be held on ZOOM. The program ensures networking between mentors and applicants and ensures full support of networking after the program as well.

DeepBrain AI plans to offer positions in DeepBrain AI for excellent graduates in AI Academy 2. Final candidate will be offered a position by 1st quarter of 2022 with one of highest salaries among industry with up to $8K of benefits.