Who We Are

Innovate User-Centered AI Technology in Daily Lives

We live in a world where humans and technology interact with each other.
The new environment centered on people and technology require a change in daily lifestyle.

Here at DeepBrain, we believe that artificial intelligence can help focus and accelerate the growth of every talented individual.
Technology can never replace people, but rather assist them to focus on expertising their personal capabilities.
We only exist to advance the quality of human life by creating user-friendly AI systems.

Support Various Companies to Adopt AI Human Technology

Various industries (finance, retail, healthcare, media, etc.) still struggle to properly incorporate the highly demanded AI technology.
DeepBrain strives to aid such difficulty by providing companies with practical AI Human solutions. We provide guidance on how various business industries can advance with empirical results using AI Human technology.

Our Mission

Advance Humanity with
Human-AI Collaboration

We design artificial intelligence to best assist people.
We strive to help people to be the most creative and meaningful versions of themselves.

Our Investors

Global investors with Deepbrain.