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Deepbrain AI provides empathizing and communicating AI Human service
based on conversational artificial intelligence technology.

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Deepbrain AI services AI technologies such as video and speech synthesis, live chatbots, and more required to create AI Humans. Not only are AI Humans available to enterprises, but we also continue to expand our technology for everyone.

Deepbrain AI Service

DeepBrain provides AI Solutions implemented with AI engines that fully manage and control AI Humans as a whole.

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AI Humans in Action

Watch our AI Humans in news broadcasts, commerce, education, and more.


AI Anchor Kim Ju-Ha

Watch Kim Ju-Ha, the main anchor on MBN news channel, as an AI Human. AI Anchor Kim Ju-Ha is currently reporting in a news program called “Afternoon News with AI Anchor Kim Ju-Ha”.


Anchor Song Na-Young

At Lotte Data Communication Headquarters, anchor Song Na-Young works as an AI employee at 7-Eleven. She informs customers about using unmanned stores, locating desired products, restaurants, public transportations, and more.

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