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DeepBrain AI Unlocks New Possibilities for Customer-Facing and Presenter-led Industries with its AI Human Technology.


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DeepBrain AI has successfully commercialized world’s first real-time video synthesis solution in the form of both conversational and non-conversational ‘AI Humans’. Applicable to various customer-facing and presenter-led industries, DeepBrain AI has stacked top enterprise clients in Banking, Education, Media, Retail, Healthcare and more.

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DeepBrain AI provides AI based products and services that utilize video and speech synthesis with NLU/NLP technologies.

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Trusted by Top Enterprise Clients

World’s first commercialization of AI Anchor, AI Store Associate, Presidential Nominee and more.


AI Anchor ‘Kim Ju-Ha’

DeepBrain AI created an AI version of celebrity anchor for country’s top broadcasting company. The AI Anchor is currently reporting various daily news programs under the title “Afternoon News with AI Anchor Kim Ju-Ha”, that both aired and published on YouTube.

Republic of Korea

President Moon Jae-In

DeepBrain AI created the AI version of the President of Korea Republic utilizing deep learning and video synthesis technologies.


AI Store Clerk

Deployed first of its kind AI Store Klerk in Korea’s first unmanned 7-Eleven convenience store. 24/7 customer engagement, AI Human informs customers about methods of payment, products and discounts, and general inquiries.

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